Zanzibar’s 56th Revolution day


The people of the island nation of Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous government attached to Tanzania celebrated their 56th Revolution Day on 12 January with pomp and revelry at a gallant gathering whose guest of honour was the President, Ali Mohamad Shein.

On that day in 1964, the people of Zanzibar overthrew the Sultanate and its Arab-dominated government to form an independent government.

President Shein, in power for the past nine years told the celebrants that the government had registered a number of successes in the education and health sector as well as in economic development.

He said it was imperative for the people to maintain the current peace and harmony as these will enhance development.

he noted that since he came to power in 2010, Zanzibar had registered a positive economic growth rate from 4,3 per cent then to last year’s 7,1 per cent.

He said Zanzibar still faces the rising non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cancer and would do his best to reduce these before his term ends in December this year.

The celebrations were also attended by President John Magufuli of Tanzania who arrived on the island two days earlier to conduct at least two official engagements.


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