Zari responds to nudes scandal

Zari Hassan image from Instagram
Zari Hassan image from Instagram

Ugandan sweetheart Zari Hassan has for the first time spoken about the [sex] tapes that had circulated social media last weekend.

The former girlfriend of African pop start Diamond Platinumz also gave a statement earlier this week in response to the scandal.

In her statement she says the tapes that had circulated the internet were old news and it was unfortunate that they did.

As she spoke it showed the answers were directed towards Mange Kimambi with whom she has been fighting with for a while.

The alleged claims that Mange is behind the leaking of the bedroom footage was a result of the grudge the two women held for quite some time.

The beef has even further included their children, relationships and financial positions.

Originally, Tanasha Donna, Diamond’s current girlfriend was involved in the scandal with claims that she had leaked the video. But later she came out with a statement saying she did not have anything to do with the leak, nor did she have a motive.

Zari is currently in Dar es Salaam for what she says are her own personal reasons and her charity movement, separate from the scandal.


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